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Looking for a speaker for youth or adults?  With specially-crafted and dynamic presentations for both youth and adults, we are your one-stop shop for drug prevention.

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Walk through one of our new innovative exhibits that will help you and your teen learn how to navigate the teen years.

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Who Are We?  We are a drug prevention organization, and we believe that young people are capable of making good decisions.  Our programs and events are designed to support parents and teens build healthy relationships and find alternatives to using drugs and alcohol.  As our kids get older, we stop talking to them about actions that can harm them.  We at LEAD are asking you to #DiveIn.  It’s time for all of us to be part of the solution.

Allow our talented team to work with your parents, students, youth and community to deliver resources that will help the young people you care about to live healthy lives and make good decisions!  Oh, and one more thing – we have a 27 year track record of delivering quality programs that effect community change!