A Note from the Executive Director

Dear Friends, 


I wrote to you a couple weeks ago about a proposed state bill (HB0494) that is making its way through the House right now. As a quick refresher, this proposed bill would lower the drinking age in certain circumstances to 18. For many reasons, we think this is not wise and irresponsible.  I wanted to provide a quick update.

Over the past two weeks, LEAD staff has been meeting with state legislators to express our concern about this bill.  During those discussions, we learned that the bill has bipartisan support – with 5 democrats and 4 republicans among the bill sponsors – and was expected to be brought to the floor for a vote during this upcoming Legislative Session which begins today (Friday, May 5th).

The good news is that our efforts and yours are making an impact.  Yesterday, we learned that one particular legislative office has received over 100 calls or emails from community members to express opposition to this bill, and we believe that is in direct response to our call to action from a couple weeks ago.  So, thank you!  There is now talk that support for the bill is falling off, and it may not even be brought to a vote after all.  We are keeping a regular watch on the bill’s status, and our staff is prepared to go down to Springfield next week to talk in person, door-to-door, with legislators during the legislative session, if necessary.

We have put together the video slideshow below to give you the quick facts about this bill.  The video is only 4 minutes, and it covers a lot of background info, so I suggest you watch it and pass it on. Furthermore, if you would still like to express your opinion to your state legislators, we have created a resource page on our website that contains both a sample letter you can tweak and send to your legislators, as well as a lookup tool that will help you get in touch with their office either by phone or email.

Thank you for your support and advocacy. Our community has already made an impact! 

Post Prom

We’ve already had a ton of students register for our all-night Post Prom party at Six Flags Great America next weekend.  Spaces are limited.  Today is the last day (11:59 p.m.) to get your tickets for $30/person. After today, ticket price increases to $45/person.  So, don’t delay.  Sign up today to ensure your spot and your price!

Enjoy the week,

Andy Duran, Executive Director

[email protected]

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