Today is #GivingTuesday, and there are many organizations asking for your support. So, what sets LEAD apart?  We are literally saving lives.  Your contribution will be put to use to continue these life-saving efforts:
A gift of…
$5,000 Funds one new life-saving mobile app
$2,500 Funds one Youth Summit for students
$1,000 Funds a 24/7 clinical team on Text-A-Tip for one month
$750 Funds one in-school program for parents and community leaders featuring our interactive “Hidden In Plain Sight” exhibit
$500 Funds one new community short-code for Text-A-Tip
$250 Funds distribution of informational postcards to one school community
$100 Funds distribution of one Naloxone kit (the antidote that reverses an opiate overdose) to a community member
We hope we can count on you!

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