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Title:  Living Life On-Point

Topic:  Values Based Decision-Making

Audience: Youth

Description:This presentation will illustrate how the benefits of making good choices outweigh the conseqences of making bad choices.  In addition to focusing on refusal skills using the REAL model (refuse, explain, avoid, leave), students will be encouraged to navigate the uneasy waters of social pressure by aligning their choices with their value and belief system.  Through storytelling and engaging conversation, students will be empowered to live a life without regret.

LEAD Youth Presentations - Living On Point

Title:  A Prescription for Prevention

Topic:  Prescription drug abuse prevention for coalitions, preventionists, clinicians, medical professionals, youth workers, parents, youth, and community leaders.

Audience: Youth or Adults

Description:  You may not be responsible for the epidemic, but you are responsible for solutions.  This solutions-based workshop will focus on effective environmental prescription drug abuse prevention strategies and will lead participants through the creation of an impact plan aligned with CSAP’s 6 prevention strategies.


Prescription for Prevention

Title:  Let Me Introduce You

Topic:  Teen Sex and Choices

Audience: Presentation is appropriate for youth in a small or large group session, and may also be given to youth together with their parents.

Description:  An interactive presentation on decision-making and choices as it relates to sexual behavior.  This presentation focuses on the upside of positive behavior, rather than the downside of negative behavior.  Students will be “introduced” to four people who will help students understand the importance and reasons for abstaining from sex and will learn about how decisions about sex now can affect their future.

Title:  Messaging and Social Media: It’s Not Enough Just to be Present

Topic:  Social Media and Marketing for Prevention

Audience: Adults

Description:  Is your social media strategy focused on tactics rather than goals?  Are your efforts leading to behavior change?  This presentation will engage you in embracing a new strategy, and how to use social media to effectively carry out your mission.  And, it’s not just about Facebook.

lead prevention social media

Title:  LOL… OMG. #WhatDoesThisMean?

Topic:  Digital Citizenship and Cyber Bullying

Audience: Can be presented in 3 different formats:  1) Presentation for Youth only; 2) Presentation for parents and educators only; 3) Joint presentation for parents and students together.

Description:  Are your kids safe online?  The Internet is a dangerous world, but youth and parents can work together on safeguarding strategies.  This presentation will introduce some of the harms associated with cyberbulling, will provide safeguarding strategies for both youth and parents, and will empower students to not be bystanders by speaking up when they witness cyberbullying.

digital citizenship lead cyberbullying prevention

Title:  A Healthy Body Image for You and Your Teen

Topic:  Body Image

Audience: Adults

Description:  Did you know that your own body image can impact how your teen feels about himself or herself?  This presentation will focus on how to model the way for your child to have a healthy body image.

lead body image

Title:  How to Survive the Negotiating Teen

Topic:  Negotiating the Teen Years

Audience: Parents of a Teen

Description:  Do you live with a teenage negotiator?  Does every conversation turn into a power struggle?  This presentation will help parents learn strategies for dealing with a negotiating teen, and how to balance giving your teen a voice, while maintaining parental guidance and control.

lead negotiating teen years

Title:  Is Your Home Safe?  Why Safeguarding Your Home Shouldn’t Stop as Your Kids Age!

Topic:  Household Safety

Audience: All Parents

Description:  With toddlers in tow, parents safeguard their house by locking cabinets and protecting electrical sockets.  But, as kids age, parents often forget that safeguarding is still necessary.  This presentation will teach parents about necessary safeguards to employ with kids at every age, including how to set up your home in a way that will help your kids to avoid risky behavior.


Title:  “Use Their Words to Tell Your Story”

Topic:  Medical Marijuana

Audience: We have varying presentations intended for either adults or youth

Description:  This is not a lost cause!  Whether your state has already legalized medical marijuana or if it’s on your upcoming ballot, there are still things you can do to positively impact this public health concern.  Allow us to walk you through the attitudes and playbook of the pro-marijuana advocates and give you the tools and resources you need to combat their arguments.  Learn about their ultimate play, and how we can properly defend it.  We will “use their words to tell our story.”