Community Wellness Task Force for Lake Forest and Lake Bluff

The Community Wellness Task Force (CWTF) was established in June 2012, following a series of tragic events involving young people in Lake Forest and Lake Bluff.  The CWTF is a community-coalition made up of local schools, civic groups, non-profits, churches, corporations, and other organizations.  To see a list of the organizations represented on the CWTF, click here.

Dr. Mark Reinecke, a leading national expert in adolescent depression and suicide, is  a consultant to the CWTF.  Dr. Reinecke has synthesized all he has learned about the community and our organizations and has come up with very specific recommendations based on the best practices in the field of suicide treatment and prevention.  Dr. Reinecke’s recommendations are based on 3 types of prevention:

  • Primary – for the general population
  • Secondary – for select, high-risk groups
  • Tertiary – for those in need of immediate help

Please see the below entries for information and updates from the Community Wellness Task Force and from it’s member organizations.